How We Operate

We hold workshop meetings weekly, on Mondays, that serve as the pulse of our mission.

For critique, WepWoppers are encouraged to submit work of 20 pages or less to the group, via email, the Wednesday before every workshop meeting (We provide exceptions for length on a case-by-case basis). Subject headings for these emails should follow the format:

[WepWopper’s Name] Critique Submission for [Date].

Before attending workshop, we expect each WepWopper to thoughtfully read and prepare to critique each piece. The recommended preparation process for each piece is:

  1. Read the piece at a respectful pace.
  2. Provide yourself with time for focused thought about the piece (at least 10 mins).
  3. Read the piece again at a respectful pace.
  4. Annotate the work in detail with suggestions, comments, and ideas.

At the start of each meeting, WepWoppers network for about 15 minutes. After this we dive into workshop. When in workshop, we use the following critique process:

  1. Each WepWopper shares their first impression of the piece.
  2. Someone other than the writer provides an oral summary of the piece.
  3. Each WepWopper identifies aspects in the piece that they thought worked and why.
  4. Each WepWopper identifies aspects in the piece that they thought could be improved and why.
  5. Questions and discussion based on results of the first four steps.

Every WepWopper is expected to be prepared for the above process before workshop.

Because each member has prepared for the process, steps 1-4 should move with rapid fire, providing step 5 the most time and focus, where we can address all of the writer’s concerns.

Following workshop, we discuss the status of individual goals and assign Buddies for the following week. Our Buddy System provides a daily interaction and support group completely focused on helping each other succeed. Buddy groups consist of at least three members, who agree to converse daily about each other’s writing and goals.

It’s not all business, though. We have lots of fun, too. About once a month, we try to hold what we call the WepWopper Anticrastination Scribproductivathon: an all day or all night affair (depending on schedules) in which we alternate hours between writing, playing games, brainstorming, and having a generally good time.

We are always open to new ideas, events, practices, etc. that motivate and keep us focused on our only real dogmatic rule, which is to WRITE!


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