Brandon Ney graduated from UT in 2010 with a BA in Rhetoric & Writing. He likes words; the best toys anyone can have. Plus, they’re free! Brandon uses words to build screenplays, novels, short stories, comics, and other great wonders. Some of his favorite words are found in the works of television/movie/comics extraordinaire — Joss Whedon, also, transgressive word playa’ — Chuck Palahniuk, and finally, fantasy guru — J.K. Rowling. Sometimes Brandon drops words at He reads for Fringe Magazine. Most recently, his work can be seen on He lives the good life with a supportive wife, their two crazy dachshunds, and one very old cat.

Amanda Kimmerly graduated magna cum laude from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2009 with a B.A. in journalism and minor in creative writing.  She’s word-crazy, a little stir-crazy, but not completely batshit, and therefore functioning just fine. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in Storychord magazine and Poetry for the Masses and is forthcoming in Pear Noir!  and Kerouac’s Dog MagazineWhen not writing or astro-analyzing friends and strangers by their sun signs, she edits and markets fantasy novels for Austin author Robert Stikmanz, co-authors his invented language, Dvarsh, and editorially assists Fringe magazine’s fiction submissions. Peruse her infrequent musings at

Elizabeth Renee Smythe is working towards her B.A. in English at the University of Texas at Austin. Storytelling makes her feel better. Not that her life is extraordinarily difficult, it’s that she complicates it, as anybody does, and through writing hopes to attain some sort of connection to prompt others to tell their stories, sad or funny or insane. She writes poetry and aims to write short stories.  She will.  With time. With experience. With practice. And you’ll read them.

Zakk Pollard doesn’t remember where he was born.  He may be 23 24, but he’s on the fast track to mediocrity, pursuing a career as a writer of fiction—particularly literature—after attaining a degree in Asian Studies with a focus on Japanese.   His first fiction piece is forthcoming in Quite Curious.  He also contributes to a music website,  His idols– Jack Kerouac, Bruno Schultz and Haruki Murakami, along with the mind-altering influence of bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan, OSI and Sigur Ros–have insured that this writer’s confusing and strange body of work will undoubtedly remain in obscurity, even after his death.


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