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Hey, there! Thanks for reading my blog, Polished Pear Creative Editing. My name is Amanda Kimmerly, and I devote my time and talent to making manuscripts publisher-ready. If you have an unedited book, or have started one of any genre, please connect! Cheers!

B&A FRINGE Book Reviews

Brandon and I started reading fiction submissions for Fringe Magazine this time last year.  And now, we’re writing book reviews for the blog.  For those of you unfamiliar with Fringe, we aim to publish edgy, experimental work.  What does that … Continue reading

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More on the show here: WRITING ON THE AIR

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A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

“Sure,” I say to the massive pile of dishes infesting the kitchen sink, begging for attention, “I’ll wash you.”  Maybe one coffee cup is mine.  And who knows how long that purple fuzz has been rotting inside the unopened Tupperware … Continue reading

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First, Finish Small

I am a chronic starter:  books, web sites, plot lines, learning other languages, new relationships, golden ideas that will flourish into financial, spiritual, emotional, and sexual success! And as if hexed in a previous life for teasing a kid with … Continue reading

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Cento Poetweet

TODAY, April 21, marks the National Poetry Month Cento Contest. It’s a NaNoWriMo but for POETS! 36 Judges.  3 winners.  The prize: 12 (unknown but signed) books.  Count this crazy WepWopper in! @Poetsorg will Tweet lines from poetry that each participate must … Continue reading

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Books, Their Audience, and the Texas Observer

Thanks to the graces of David Duhr at Write By Night, Brandon, Zakk, and I received an opportunity to volunteer and network at the Texas Observer 2011 Writers’ Festival this past Saturday. Though it was our main duty to set … Continue reading

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Sell The Story or the Storyteller?

During Aggie Con, a group of writers and artists rallied together in the corner of a dark hotel bar to discuss the puzzling and energy-sucking issue of all creative people trying to make a living off art: marketing.  In a … Continue reading

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Say No to Sex, Drugs, and… Writing?

No! That aggressive, direct response was the first coherent word to leave my soft, little baby lips. Not “Momma” or “Dad-da” or the cutesie wootsie “poo-poo.” I knew early on the importance of clarifying crucial subjects: no, I do not … Continue reading

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Write! Draw! Sing!

Fiction, poetry, painting, paper-mache, memoir, technical writing, composition, clarinet– who said you had to choose just one?  Okay, your University, when, by your fifth semester, they finally made you declare a major. But, if you’re anything like me (or anything like our beloved … Continue reading

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Your New Day Job

So, you want to quit your soul-sucking job to become a full-time writer, eh?  How bohemian! As someone who JUST made the bold leap, let me warn you: the daydreams of waking up early, brewing coffee, eating a small breakfast, … Continue reading

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