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Tips When Cruising Through Writer’s Block

I often think of writing stories as a wide, slow-moving river.  At first, the water is smooth and still.  It’s a beautiful, warm day.  Prospects seem high.  But every word makes a wave.  The further you travel in your story, … Continue reading

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A Second Look at Your Favorite Book

Someone told me the other day that he has never reread a book. The idea jarred me. I serially reread my most favorite novels and find enjoyment in each experience. I love reading and experiencing new stories and discovering new authors. … Continue reading

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Poetry Slam: The New Rock Show?

Poetry… The word doesn’t usually inspire visions of crowded bars, microphones and especially cheering, but that’s exactly what a few WepWoppers found last Tuesday night at the Austin Art Authority.  As you can see, we’ve been busy visiting the local … Continue reading

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Scrib Hard With A Vengeance!

Recently, we wordistas at We Put Words on Paper realized something wildly obvious: we’ve never posted our original work on this blog dedicated to writing! *GASP* So what better way to introduce the majority of our members than posting work … Continue reading

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Imagination or Experience? The Dilemma of Writing What You Know

Write What You Know… Is there any phrase uttered more in creative writing circles? A seemingly easy phrase to understand, why is it that when we sit down to “write what we know” nothing happens? All of our experiences are … Continue reading

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SXSCongress Literary Extravaganza

An amazing, miraculous festival happened this week. You might even have heard of it: SXSCongress Literary Extravaganza, hosted by our very own writing group, We Put Words on Paper. I realize you’re all thinking: A Literary Extravaganza while the biggest music festival in … Continue reading

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The Art of Letting it Breathe

We’ve all done it… You write a poem or paint a picture and you’re so proud of it that you hide it away so that no one can “judge” it. It’s an understandable fear. Creating is about putting yourself out … Continue reading

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The Importance of Pen and Paper

This past month I have experienced what we all fear: a broken computer. The effects of which equal waiting for the roommates to be done with their’s so I may quickly check my email, having no idea what’s happening in … Continue reading

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