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No Podcast & No Monday Post?????????

Last week found every member of the We Put Words On Paper crew busy. We didn’t even get a chance to hold our weekly workshop. We apologize for the lack of content. It will probably happen again . . . … Continue reading

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We Put Words On Paper Podcast #2 – Low Energy

We bring it to you a little low energy to start, but the conversation heats up as we discuss the merit of author corporations like James Patterson. Plus, we provide an example of our goal-setting discussions. Lots to chew on. … Continue reading

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We Put Words On Paper Podcast – Episode 1 – Our First Time

Using our most recent blog posts (Brandon’s “Defeating the End-Game Boss in Several Drafts“, Elizabeth’s “A Second Look at Your Favorite Book,” and Zakk’s “The Haruki Murakami Experiment“) as a springboard for discussion, we muse about editing, rewriting, rereading, … Continue reading

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Defeating the End-Game Boss in Several Drafts

My wife games more than me.  In recent months, she has been known to spend entire weekends engaged in battle on Dragon Age or defeating the Joker in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Sometimes she’ll look over at me, reading or staring … Continue reading

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The Worst Advice I Never Gave You

Due in part to the recent rash of poetry events in our city, Zakk and Elizabeth dropped some observations on us last week, regarding the poet: here and here. As a result, several of the discussions of late, amongst the … Continue reading

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Don’t Stop at Paper! (Rebecca Black, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and the Rhetoric of Cool)

If you have become a regular reader of our little blog, you know that we’ve posted about We Put Words On Paper’s first live event, SXSCongress Literary Celebration, several times on our site (Here. Here. And Here. The Austin Chronicle wrote about the … Continue reading

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My Vision. Your Vision. Our Vision. A Vision.

I work in many collaborative mediums and often depend on others to realize our vision. In comics, I’ve watched an artist take two years to deliver page one of the twenty-two page script that I wrote in one week: a … Continue reading

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The Spark That Burned (Take Note, Keep Inspired, and Ray Bradbury)

Ideas strike like sparks. A cliché? Sure, yet that’s exactly what ideas are: the synapses in your gray matter sparking. Maybe it’s more complicated than that, but often ideas, even good ones, happen . . . and then they have … Continue reading

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A WepWopper’s Shameless Plug No. 1 & Publishing Your First Story

My new short story, DOUBLE PARKED, was published recently at Check it out, if you’ve been digging what we do here at We Put Words On Paper. But this isn’t simply a shameless plug. I’d like to share my … Continue reading

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If you’ll notice . . . New Pages!

We wanted to share with you what we are really all about and a little bit about how we do what it is we do. So if you look up at the header, you will see a couple new pages … Continue reading

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