Mission Statement

We put words on paper.  We’re not kidding.  We really do.  Every day. Well, sometimes we put words on computers, too, but we’ll get to that . . .

For real, now. We Put Words On Paper aims to organize and promote a network of peer support and dedication to the craft of writing. Together we develop individuals’ discipline and creativity in the pursuit of completed work. We members call ourselves WepWoppers and subscribe to the belief that writing consists of physically putting one word after the other onto paper, computers, or any device in any medium or genre, whether non-fiction, fiction, poetry, film, comics, short story, novel, radio, multimedia . . . or really anything else. You get the idea; we enjoy communication, but we believe writing is as much of a talent as it is a skill, diligently developed like any craft. To strive to be a writer is to strive to write every day, every week, and every year of our lives, because for us writing exists as a discipline; a muscle to be exercised!

Each week we carry out the mission to help individuals set, plan, and manage customizable and achievable goals in their writing endeavors. Forever moving towards the result of finishing work and getting it published, we seek networking opportunities and share as much information as possible on the craft and business of writing with each other and the writing community-at-large. Every Monday and Thursday, we do exactly that by publishing a featured blog post here at weputwordsonpaper.com. Every Saturday, we publish a podcast at weputwordsonpaper.podbean.com.


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