We’re Superfreaks, Superfreaks

As the newest member of the We Put Words On Paper group, I feel compelled to introduce myself. Hi! I’m Laura Roberts; you might remember me from such websites as Black Heart Magazine and Shoestring Austin, or you may have read my sex column, “V for Vixen,” once upon a time in Montreal’s Hour news-weekly.

Or, you know, maybe I’m just putting my ego before the cart here and you have no clue who I am. Which is fine by me, actually, as I’m looking to redefine myself and get back into my original genre, which is short fiction. I’ve got a degree in Creative Writing, and I’m not afraid to use it!

Sometimes, I think that makes me a bit of a Superfreak. I’ve been listening to a lot of Rick James lately, and maybe it’s just because each morning I wake up with the lyrics in my head, full-blast, shouting:

Superfreak! Superfreak! She’s super freaky, YOW!

But in any case, I find myself identifying. I’ve always been the weird girl, even back in high school, when most people knew me as the Girl Most Likely to be Wearing an Astroturf Dress. (For the record, it was lime green terrycloth, but I found my classmates’ comparison appropriately poetic.) My freak flag has usually flown high, and whenever talk of “weirdos” comes up, I usually find myself siding with the people on the other side of normal.

No wonder I’m a writer.

Writers are the weird ones. The ones talking to themselves in the grocery stores, trying to remember a great line that’s just popped into their head, until they can locate a pen and paper to jot it down. The types who get so wrapped up in a piece that they have a hard time putting it down for the evening, even though it’s already 3 AM. The sorts of people who will spend all day pondering whether to take that comma out, and at the end of the day, decide to put it back in.

We’re the superfreaks, the kind you don’t bring home to mother. But we’re all right, heyyyyyy.

We may be weird, and maybe even crazy, but we’re (mostly) harmless. Maybe we occasionally ask some inappropriate questions, or stare at you from across the room for a little too long, but we don’t mean any harm. We’re just curious. And we’re probably taking notes for our next masterpiece, so you should feel flattered, really.

So, while we may be very kinky girls (and boys), we’re still looking for the same things everybody wants: love, a decent job, a roof over our heads, and maybe a really amazing deal on lime-green miniskirts. (Or maybe that’s just me.)

I’m a superfreak, and Rick James is all right with me. Break out the incense, wine and candles!


About Laura Roberts

Laura Roberts can leg-press an average-sized sumo wrestler, has nearly been drowned off the coast of Hawaii, and tells lies for a living. She is the founding editor of Black Heart Magazine, the San Diego Chapter Leader for the Nonfiction Authors Association, and publishes whatever strikes her fancy at Buttontapper Press (http://buttontapper.com). She currently lives in an Apocalypse-proof bunker in sunny SoCal with her artist husband and their literary kitties, and can be found on Twitter @originaloflaura.
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