WePWOPers and fans,

One of my new year’s resolutions is to go to a different open mic night every week. I’ve decided to start this next week now that the students are back in town and I’d love for anyone to make it out. I’ll be posting the name, location, date and time of whatever open mic I decide to hit next week in a new post every Friday. After the event, I’ll post a blog reviewing the location and recapping the evening for your chagrin.

Let the bro-nanigans begin.

The designated bro-et,
Dad Hofs
The Broletariat Blog


About DasHofs

"It is easier for a man to destroy the light within himself than to fight the darkness in the world." Sergey Lukyanenko ~ Night watch (Nochnoi Dozer)
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2 Responses to Touring

  1. kimmerlyaj says:

    Cool! Definitely keep us posted.



  2. bneyut says:

    Excited for this new segment on the blog. : ) Keep ’em coming, Bro-et.

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