Days of the week

At some point Robert Smith wrote one of the greatest songs ever, this point was in the early 1990’s when he was hard working on what would become “Friday I’m In Love” what one can only presume is a love ode to Rosilinda Russel’s portrayal of Hildabrant “Hildy” Jones in “His Girl Friday”. According to wikipedia there was problem with the writing process as Smith was seriously concerned he had taken the chord progression from somewhere else. After playing the song to many friends he decided he hadn’t and released the record. He very well may have not. The songs lyrics start out “I don’t care if Monday’s blue, Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too/ Oh thursday I don’t care about you, It’s Friday I’m in love. Most of the verses of the song follow this same concept.
A year prior to this country singer Lorrie Morgan released a song called “Except for Monday,” a song that could not be any more different than the Cure’s ode to love. Unlike the warm feeling of being in love one gets from “Friday I’m in love” Morgan’s song starts out with a big fuck you to a mystery man that has left her “YOu Look surprised/You didn’t think you’d see me/kicking up my heels/painting the town”. The differences between this song and Smith’s mount, until we get to the chorus where Morgan proclaims “Except for Monday which was never good anyway/ Tuesday I get a little sideways/ Wednesday I feel better just for spite, Thursday and Friday take too long, Before I know it Saturday’s Gone/ But it’s sunday now you can bet I’m alright”.
At this point I am sure you are thinking “Well, but plenty of songs use the days of the week, Craig David’s Seven Days, and… well that’s all I’ve got.” Well if that is all you’ve got don’t worry, it was all i had to. The point is, look at those lyrics, both Morgan and Smith target one day, for the Gothic Rocker Smith it is Friday, the day of partying with friends, drinking absinthe and reading Poe in a cemetery while wearing your rings that extend over all of your fingers. For the more traditional Morgan it’s sunday, “The lord’s day”, the day of rest and the day for family. So both picked the day that is most important to their culture, and then say “bullocks to you other days” and do so in a detailed way. The coincidence is to close to ignore. As a fan of the cure, I wanted to quickly dismiss Lorrie Morgan’s song and say she stole from Smith, but the fact of the matter is, Smith’s song came out after, and though he is based in the UK he toured the U.S. heavily in the early 90’s and there was a high probability that he could have run into this. He knew something was afoul with his work, but only checked the melody, and not the lyrics, and ripped off a perfectly country song.


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