Cohesive Ideas on Writing Pulled From My Mind, Influenced By Various Advice

Writing is Rewriting, but before you rewrite, you Compose. Composing is placing one word after the other, like bricks on a house. Don’t stop composing to rewrite. They are separate tasks. Plow forward. This is the hardest thing to do, but do it anyway. Surprise yourself.

Do this everyday. It doesn’t matter how much you write everyday, as long as you put words down everyday. It’s best if you have a goal and achieve it, but put words down everyday. Skip days and it becomes a sickness, that you must recover from. It hurts the work. Define yourself as a writer, by striving to write everyday, every week, every year of your life.

Read everyday. Read everything. Not just poetry. Not just prose. Not just biographies. But everything in various fields, even the Academic ones. Make time for this, because you accumulate metaphors, which are the very building blocks of your writing.

Don’t write in one medium or else you risk being like everyone else in that medium. Write a poem, then write an essay, then write a novel, then write a screenplay, then write an abstract flash; write everything and learn as you go. Learn from everything.

Writing is fun or your not doing it right.

Tell the story you haven’t read and want to.

Finish. Finish. Finish everything.

Submit. Submit. Submit everything.

Sell everything. Be a whore for your work.

Don’t try to define yourself as one kind of writer, that’s for the critics. Just write.

Surround yourself with positive influences. Surround yourself with people who believe in you, as a writer.

Be arrogant to the point that you believe in yourself and your writing, but be humble enough to accept constructive criticism.

Belong to a workshop every week. Every week look forward to sharing your work with a group of peers. Write for them. Write for your lover. Write for your family. Write for your dog. Write for yourself.

Always Inspired,

Brandon Ney



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